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      Focus on component analysis
      One-stop service
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      Company Profile


      Guangzhou Cproton Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses on polymer materials and organic chemistry related fields, and is committed to providing one-stop technical services for small and medium-sized chemical enterprises. 

      Guangzhou Cproton Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010. The company has always been adhering to the best service and the customer first, and take it as our operation philosophy. We focus on Polymer Materials and Organic Chemistry, providing technology service including component analysis, formula reduction, material diagnostic analysis, product development and design, patent application, etc. We have professional technical teams, years of technical accumulation, self-contained testing equipments and high-quality service as our preponderance. We help customers solve chemical technical problems quickly and economically, along with the spirit of stability, development, efficiency, unity and innovation. In addition, with the increase of cooperation with other chemical enterprises, the company has become a significant part in many chemical projects, and highly praised by the clients.

      Company Value

      Honor & Company Culture


      Guangzhou Cproton Chemical Technology Service Co., Ltd

      Service Hotline:400-856-2699 

      Tel:020-32208682 Fax:020-32208682

      Address:G2-219, South China New Materials Innovation Park, 31 Kefeng Road, Science City, Guangzhou







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